Retrieve a test

Returns more the details of a test
GET https://apiv3.imocha.io/v3/tests/{testId}
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Request URL Parameters
Field Type Required Default
testId Integer64 Yes -
Field Type Description
testId Integer64 Unique identifier given to each test
testName String Name of the test
duration Integer Total amount of time allocated to a test in minutes
status String Current state of test. Can be Active, Inactive
sections Array List of all sections in test
sectionName String Unique identifier given to each section
sectionType String Type of section
duration Integer Total amount of time allocated in given section in minutes
questions Integer Total number of questions in given section
Example API endpoint

URL 1: /v3/tests/292930

Successful response

Status 200 OK

{ "testId": 292930, "testName": "C# 6.0", "duration": 10, "questions": 5, "status": "Active", "sections": [ { "sectionName": "C# 6.0", "sectionType": "General Questions", "questions": 5, "duration": 10 } ] }
Failed response

Status 401 Unauthorized Request

If required parameters have invalid values.

{ "statusCode": 401, "message": "Access denied due to invalid subscription key." }
Parameter Value Description Parameter Type Data Type
testId test Id associated with particular test Query Integer64
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