Mocha API overview

Mocha API's grouped based on object you want to deal with. Below is a list describing objects and related API's, you might find useful.

Test API's

There are number of API's available for you to do operation on tests in your account. Below are the ones that are available for clients and partners at the moment.

  • List all tests
  • Retrieve a test
  • Retrieve test settings
  • Update test settings
Test Invitation API's

If you wish to cancel already sent invite to candidate, allow candidate to appear second attempt or so forth, below API's will help you.

  • Invite candidate
  • Invite candidate by test link
  • Cancel test invitation
  • Reattempt the test
Candidate API

If you wish to retrieve candidate test report summary, skill based scoring or in PDF format.

  • Retrieve candidate test report
  • Retrieve candidate test report in PDF
Test Link API

Ability to create new test link for same test for different purpose is very handy. Below is complete API's to manage test link life cycle.

  • List all test links
  • Retrieve a test link
  • Create test link
  • Update test link
Callback API

In case you are relying on callback notification to do to further processing, below API might be helpful. It will help you in case you need to do reconciliation if something failed at Mocha or your endpoint.

  • Process callbacks
  • Retrieve completed test attempts