List all test links

Returns the list of all test links associated with particular test in your account
GET https://apiv3.imocha.io/v3/tests/{testId}/testlinks
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Request URL Parameters
Field Type Required Default Description
testId Integer64 Yes - Unique identifier of the test
Field Type Description
testLinkId Integer64 Unique Identifier for each test link
testId Integer64 Unique identifier given to each test
testLinkName String Name of test link
testLinkStatus String Gives status of given test link as active or inactive
testLink String Unique identifier that is used to access assessment of test platform.
proctoringSettings.proctoringMode String Supported mode - disabled, image, video
stakeholderEmails String Comma separated list of emails used to send stakeholders email after candidate test completion
invitationType String Type of invitation link - email or open
invitationSchedule object properties
scheduleType String Represent scheduleType set for current link. Possible value are validityindays, timebound, slotwise
scheduleDetails Contains invitation access time settings for validityindays, timebound, slotwise scheduletypes
invitationSchedule.scheduleDetails object properties
startDateTime Datetime Start datetime in UTC ISO 8601 Format Example: "2020-06-11T16:00:00Z" Format: YYYY-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ
endDateTime Datetime End datetime in UTC ISO 8601 Format Example: "2020-06-20T16:00:00Z" Format: YYYY-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZg
timeZoneId Integer Timezone id in which invitation will be accessed.
invitationValidityInDays Integer Used when scheduleType set to validityindays value.
Example API endpoint

URL 1: /v3/tests/303076/testlinks

Successful response

Status 200 OK

{ "testLinks": [ { "testLinkId": 201044, "testId": 303076, "testLinkName": "Email Invite", "testLink": "db282e0a", "testLinkStatus": "active", "invitationType": "open", "isApiLink": false, "proctoringSettings": { "proctoringMode": "disabled" }, "stakeholderEmails": "[email protected]", "invitationSchedule": { "scheduleType": "timebound", "scheduleDetails": { "startDateTime": "2019-10-23T06:28:00Z", "endDateTime": "2019-10-31T06:28:00Z", "timeZoneId": 1720 } } }, { "testLinkId": 178298, "testId": 303076, "testLinkName": "Default", "testLink": "6c673d6", "testLinkStatus": "active", "invitationType": "email", "isApiLink": true, "proctoringSettings": { "proctoringMode": "disabled" }, "stakeholderEmails": "[email protected]", "invitationSchedule": { "scheduleType": "validityindays", "scheduleDetails": { "invitationValidityInDays": 30, "timeZoneId": 1720 } } }, { "testLinkId": 1053435, "testId": 303076, "testLinkName": "123", "testLink": "a1af675", "testLinkStatus": "active", "invitationType": "email", "isApiLink": false, "proctoringSettings": { "proctoringMode": "disabled" }, "stakeholderEmails": null, "invitationSchedule": { "scheduleType": "slotwise", "scheduleDetails": { "startDateTime": "2020-04-13T04:30:00Z", "endDateTime": "2020-04-16T05:30:00Z", "timeZoneId": 1720 } } }, { "testLinkId": 1053436, "testId": 303076, "testLinkName": "193", "testLink": "ee2c4a8", "testLinkStatus": "active", "invitationType": "email", "isApiLink": false, "proctoringSettings": { "proctoringMode": "image" }, "stakeholderEmails": null, "invitationSchedule": { "scheduleType": "timebound", "scheduleDetails": { "startDateTime": "2020-04-13T05:30:00Z", "endDateTime": "2020-04-30T05:30:00Z", "timeZoneId": 1720 } } } ] }
Failed response

Status 403 Forbidden

If required test id does not belong to your account.

{ "statusCode": 403, "message": "You do not have permission to access resource" }
Parameter Value Description Parameter Type Data Type
testId test Id associated with particular test Query Integer64
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