Retrieve candidate test report in PDF

Export candidate's test report in pdf format.
GET https://apiv3.imocha.io/v3/reports/{testInvitationId}/pdf
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Request URL Parameters
Field Type Required Default
testInvitationId Integer64 Yes -
Field Type Description
pdfReport String Direct accessible URL for PDF report
Example API endpoint

URL 1: /v3/reports/2807324/pdf

Successful response

Status 200 OK

{ "pdfReport": "https://app.imocha.io/PDFReport?id=Hp2MdRaTmBEnI7%2bbD2G%2f%2fg%3d" }
Failed response

Status 401 Bad Request

If required parameters have invalid values.

{ "statusCode": 401, "message": "Access denied due to invalid subscription key." }
Request URL Parameters
Parameter Value Description Parameter Type Data Type
testInvitationId testInvitationId associated with candidate giving particular test Query Integer64
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